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There are instances when women find out that they are pregnant and instead of being happy about it, they will feel sad because they did not exppregnant feel that the problem is going to go away but actually, the proect to become pregnant. Most of the time, women who find out that they are blem is only bound to get worse over time. Even if it is ignored, it will not go
. The two types of abortion are surgical and medical. Surgical abortion is usually recommended for women who are already in their second trimester of pregnancy onwards. Medical abortion on the other hand is only recommended for women who are not beyond their 12th week of pregnancy.


There are two types of medicine that women can take in order to induce abortion on them medically. These two medicines are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These two medicines would need to be taken simultaneously in order to induce abortion. While the abortion rate of abortion pills is high, it is not a guarantee that women will be able to abort their babies successfully at the first try. It is recommended that people will try again for the second time a few days after the first unsuccessful attempt.


While medical abortion can be done by women without the help of a medical practitioner, it is still recommended that women will seek the help of their doctors. There are some doctors who will even recommend their patients to take the abortion pills at their presence. Subsequent checkups will follow days after that to check the state of the person who has undergone medical abortion.

Reminders before Taking Abortion Pills pretoria

There are some things that women would need to remember before they would go through the medical abortion. Some of these reminders are the following:
Women should be sure that they are absolutely determined to go through with the abortion. Some babies that are not fully aborted may suffer from a series of complications should they live.
You should not be alone when you take the abortion pills. If you do not want to consult a doctor, at least being with a friend will help a lot.
If you are already well beyond your 12th week of pregnancy, do not push through with the abortion. It will only work if you are going to go through the abortion during your first term. You are recommended to undergo surgical abortion after your 12th week.
If you have different illnesses or conditions that will require medical attention, it is recommended that you will ask your doctor first if you can go through with it. Medical attention is needed if you have some illnesses that may hinder you from taking abortion pills.
Going through abortion may be a hard thing especially if it is not really your choice. Make sure that you really want it before pushing through the process.
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Abortion pill can really have some serious effects on a woman’s health and this is why you need to know more about this topic. These pills are medications which are used for the purpose of terminating a pregnancy which is less than 49 days old. It is regarded as a great alternative to the in-clinic abortion method. Surgical abortion is a painful method of terminating the pregnancy whereas abortion through pill can prove to be fairly simple on several grounds. However, it can have some serious effects on your health. This article will discuss some of them in detail.
Medical abortions are preferred by most of the women as they are done in private and they don’t have to visit any clinic and reveal publicly that they are going for an abortion. Some of the major effects of these pill are discussed below. Every woman should know about them before she goes for an abortion pill procedure.
• The first effect of an abortion pill is severe pain. Some of the women even might require an opium based medication for controlling the pain.
• The risk of incomplete abortion is also there in consumption of these types of pills. These pills can cause incomplete abortion which can further cause several issues to the health of the patient.
• Any women can go in to depression if the adverse effects occur. The psychological and physical well being of a woman gets disturbed if the abortion pill reacts badly. Suicidal thoughts can come in to the mind and it can prove to be a very difficult phase to cope with.
• Sleeplessness is another major side effect of consuming an abortion pill without the consent of the doctor and considering the health of the patient prior to the consumption. If the problem persists, then you need to see a doctor instantly.
• Painful intercourse and reduced amount of fertility are other common side effects of consuming these pills. Therefore, you should try and avoid them as much as possible if you wish to stay fit and healthy.
So, this was all that you need to know about the major abortion pill effects. One should always consider the seriousness of the effects. An abortion pill can really cause a lot of problems in case not taken properly. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor and go for a complete body checkup before consuming such a medication. This is the best option available for you.


 Abortion is the term given to a termination of pregnancy. The earlier the abortion is carried out, more the chance of carrying it out successfully. Though there are many methods to terminate a pregnancy; one of the best and safest methods to do so is by taking these pills prescribed by the doctor and are available at all medicine stores easily.
So, how do these pills actually fare when compared to other methods of abortion in existence today? What do you need to know about these pills?


Abortion pills are extremely safe till the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. Studies reveal that when the pills are consumed in the right combination as prescribed by the doctor, they are at least 97 percent effective. Out of the country’s 1 million abortions in a year, 80,000 of them are carried out with the help of these pills. In fact, you can just gulp these down and the pregnancy can be terminated successfully. Also, 9 out of 10 women claim that if given an option, they would prefer using abortion pills instead of a surgery to abort their pregnancy.

It’s safer, it’s cheaper!

Consuming abortion pills is a much cheaper and faster way to abort a pregnancy as compared to other methods. A surgery performed for abortion costs 20 times more than consuming an abortion pill with other overhead costs being added on after the surgery. In a recent survey, 100 women who had undergone abortion through surgery and 100 women who had undergone abortion with pills were questioned about the expenses involved. When the total cost of both the abortion techniques were compared, it was found that the cost for surgery was 70 percent more than that for pills.

Let’s take a look at this in a different way pretoria

Consider this. abortion pills do not have any side-effects on your body and can allow you to have a baby later on in life without any trouble. Getting a surgical intervention done might block your fallopian tubes and you may never be able to conceive ever again. Also, there is a chance of infection taking place if the surgery is not performed in a hygienic manner which can lead to further complications. An abortion pill is your safest bet to carry out the abortion at home, in an inexpensive manner and also without having to worry about side-effects in the future.
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